Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Crazy Adventure called Life

As a friend I need to be honest with you about my wrong thinking:

          It may seem crazy but my entire life I have always wanted to live a life of grand adventure, go on journeys, throw caution to the wind ... yeah, you get it

        But instead:

 My life has been filled with bumps, bruises, broken bones, broken hearts, deaths, that always left me wondering when I would live this life of adventure I longed for my whole life ~  I was sorely disappointed and fought depression more than I fought for causes  


             I had a stroke that took me to the edge of death .....

  ~ A stroke that still affects me to this day

                   This changed my life and I learned a secret that I never noticed before then

OK - backup: 

               As an avid reader I loved adventure especially during the medieval literature such as

~The Faerie Queene  ~Beowulf  ~Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  ~Saga of the Volsungs  ~Don Quixot  


While in the hospital mending and healing I realized that I have two choices laid out before me

      The Bible explains: 

Deuteronomy 30:19
This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live

          1) I could be bitter like all the others on my floor (whooo - they were bitter & nasty)


          2) I can take on this challenge and fight to come back . . .  

I chose to:

                                       ~ F   I   G   H   T ~

                I am still here, alive after a fight unlike any other ... 

So ~  
                   What did I learn?   

      We look at difficulties with a wrong viewpoint on hardships - instead, this is an opportunity to test and prove who we are.  Meet those challenges head on and overcome because hardships are going to come, become a warrior
     Just like those adventure novels I would get lost in, you and I are already living EPIC tales of Adventure with ripe plots filled with journeys, strange worlds, facing great odds with dangers, struggles, hardships, escapes and close calls to where it seems like no end is in sight – yet we, the protagonists, make it through becoming a larger-than-life hero/ heroine with the sweetness of overcoming.....  so change the way you look at things

     This is the stuff people have written about down through the ages, real and created, and I have come to the conclusion that an adventure filled life is not just when things go smoothly but includes all of the good mingled with adversity that makes us and our journey come to life.

The next time you encounter a hard time or trial - either it be physical, financial, loss, family challenges - what are you going to do?

Some secrets I have learned: 

     1) First and foremost - PRAY, I stay on my knee
     2) Decide - give up or fight 

     3) Surround yourself with strong, trustworthy friends & family who have your back.                     
                   After all, even Frodo Baggins had Samwise Gamgee - we were not created to be lone wolves - there is a reason they are in packs.

Blessings to you ~ you rethink your life, stop existing and begin living your own Epic Journey called Life